Core Committees

Xavier Institute of Management has a long history of successful alumni who have graduated from this institute, and its alumni network is one of the strongest and is connected to the degree that only a few institutions in India can boast of. The essence of any university is also assessed by the strength of its alumni network, and fostering and maintaining this alumni network and the relationships that it brings has been our sole purpose. As we reflect on our work for the past year, there were many challenges, but we never faltered in our firm resolve to uphold the integrity of our committee and, by extension, the institute. It was an eventful journey that saw many initiatives instrumental in promoting close alumni relations with the institute and the students.

Despite the challenges during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were proud to introduce “Odyssey – A Journey to Excellence,” a series of webinars with the purpose of enabling students to understand various business aspects and interact and learn from our distinguished alumni. The knowledge that one must have taken away from these series is a testament to the love our Alumni stalwarts have for our institution.

With various programs, we have tried to connect students with our illustrious alumni. We started off with “Alumni Connect” for the incoming class of 2022, where our alumni enlightened students on how they should plan and navigate their MBA journey and beyond. We then conducted “Disha”– our annual student-alumni, domain-specific interaction event, to help the students of both batches with career guidance. With #XBuzz we tried to bring to you the achievements of our distinguished alumni. The “X-Alma” program is all set to roll out to help the enthusiastic interns in their SIPs. We are ending this eventful year on a high note with the most significant souvenir of remembrance we could possibly hope for – “Reminiscence”– the yearbook; a dossier of memories for the outgoing class of 2021!!


The Career Advisory Services (CAS) is the gateway for students to get introduced to the corporate world. The committee has been a part of the XIMB legacy for more than 30 years now.

The Team’s primary work includes:

  1. Final Placement Process (Xuberance)
  2. Summer Internship Programme
  3. Leadership Talks (ConeXus)

Despite the adversity the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, CAS has not only managed to maintain its legacy of 100% final placements, it has also attained greater lengths of success. Adapting to the new normal, the committee made sure there’s no barrier to the industrial learning, and introduced ConeXus, a flagship leadership talk series which has spanned out to be a huge success.

The committee thrives to make sure that every student gets an opportunity to work in the business environment, by ensuring each student bags a summer internship. Even during unprecedented times, the committee doesn’t leave any stone unturned to achieve 100% final placement.

Apart from all the above stated, CAS works towards the betterment of students with respect to their profile building and personality development. Opportunities through live projects, case study competitions and multiple placement preparedness drives is provided to each student to build on their strengths and weaknesses.

As a committee, the members have always shown utmost sincerity and resilience, and it will continue to go through the similar but improved path in the years to come.



IlluminatiX, the Media and PR Cell of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB), is the institute’s window to the outside world. Our mission is to enhance the brand value of XIMB amongst the student community as well as the corporate world.

IlluminatiX handles a wide gamut of activities for college events including branding, press releases, video and photo coverage, promotional endeavours, guiding the new students in on-boarding processes, handling the digital presence of the college, assisting in the publishing of various press releases, informing the students about various competitions of various colleges and handling the Media & PR of Xpressions, the annual mega event.

It also organizes many exciting events such as Celebrity Talks, Media Conclave, RJ Hunt, and TEDxXIMB, a one of its kind event to bring together a mélange of personalities to share their unique ideas. All these are aimed at communicating the Institute’s highlights to the outside world.

We work in close association with the administration of the college in order to keep a clear and concise channel of communication open within the institute as well as outside. We are responsible for handling the external linkages that include maintaining cordial relations with other premier B-Schools, the Media and the corporate world.


IRC- Transcending Boundaries : The International Relations Committee is dedicated to managing the international face of XIMB. It works in tandem with the Student Exchange Offices of various Universities across the globe, fostering new tie ups and working towards exploring further areas of collaboration with existing and prospective partners.


From hosting exchange students from all around the world, to encouraging our students to quench their penchant for management education outside of XIMB, IRC has been consistent in its efforts of widening the scope of learning at XIMB. The main objective of the committee is to facilitate the exchange process for outgoing students in their 5th term and to manage the hospitality and mentorship of the incoming students.


The International Relations Committee maintains partnerships with various universities around the world, ensuring that both inbound and outbound exchange students find the application process easy to comprehend and that their subsequent stay in the new country is as smooth as possible.


The committee is a student driven initiative and is the primary point of contact for students interested to spend a part of their academic curriculum on foreign shores. It strives to provide a global exposure to the management students by encouraging a cross functional, cross situational and cross cultural learning through student exchange program.


IRC provides and facilitates interactions with universities across borders through its Student Exchange Programme.

We have collaborations with the following universities:

1) SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

2) University of Antwerp, Belgium

3) Groupe ISCAE, Morocco

4) Orebro University, Sweden

Major events :

IRC conducts various events spread across the year to keep the students involved and to enhance their skills. The various events conducted throughout the year are listed below:

  1. Student Exchange Programs: The student exchange program intends to introduce the students to an astounding array of cultural and community perspectives along with enriching learning opportunities
  1. Xoutre-Mer – A series of webinars, bringing in some of the prominent global personalities to address the students on emerging global business topics
  1. Pangaea Quiz – An International themed quiz, in which students are encouraged to think and answer the quizzical questions about the quizzical questions about the world
  1. Pitch it Abroad – The event aims at introducing a competition among the budding managers in the true global sense, by allowing them to pitch a product made in India, in the global market
  1. Language Classes – Language classes organised for the students to provide them the knowledge of popular foreign languages in the world.