Residence Management Team


The Residence Management Team is responsible for the functioning of the students’ residences on campus and maintaining the overall quality of life.


The team is constituted by Dr. Fr. V. Arockiya Das, SJ (Deputy Registrar- XIMB Campus), Mr. Arijit Mitra (Associate Dean of student Affairs), Mr. Basant K. Mohanty, Ms. Smita Kanungo, and the student Residence Secretaries’ team which is led by the Chief Residence Secretary. 


The team has a unique function to play. They are committed to each person’s personal development while upholding the fundamental spirit required for the Residences to operate well. They are constantly available for both professional and personal advice.


The team’s key duties include onboarding new students, receiving and resolving facility-related inquiries, implementing developmental measures, and upholding the purity and decorum of the campus. The Residence Secretaries act as a connecting link between the student community and the administration.