Social Activities


Social Responsibility Cell, XIMB

We Believe We CAN make a Difference!!
We Believe We CAN Bring Smiles to faces!!
We Believe We CAN Make Living Worthwhile for many!!
We Believe We CAN Bring happiness!!
We are the Social Responsibility Cell Of XIMB
We Believe WE CAN!!

We are here to create a happier world…and we beckon all of you to come with us and help us make the difference and spread the smile! After all…

A Smile is Contagious…Let’s Spread It!!!

Social responsibility cell, XIMB, believes that in this reality we all can get united and try to make a small but considerable difference in the lives which are at the bottom of the pyramid. We believe that everyone is a citizen in his own right, entitled to the full spectrum of human rights. At SRC, we bring in volunteers who constantly dedicate themselves to bringing in a smile in the faces of the deprived.


SRC acts as a motivator for young students to come together from all walks of life and join together to work for the cause of the society. It harnesses the support, time and skills of its volunteers to work for small, nascent initiatives. Over time, as each grows and achieves stability, the quantum of support increases.

Our past initiatives include sponsoring the education of children, providing health care costs to children of X-café workers, educating the mess worker, providing personal and financial support to students and staff in case of medical emergencies and many more.