Social Activities

Social Responsibility Cell, XIMB

We Believe We CAN make a Difference!!
We Believe We CAN Bring Smiles to faces!!
We Believe We CAN Make Living Worthwhile for many!!
We Believe We CAN Bring happiness!!
We are the Social Responsibility Cell Of XIMB
We Believe WE CAN!!

We are here to create a happier world…and we beckon all of you to come with us and help us make the difference and spread the smile! After all…

A Smile is Contagious…Let’s Spread It!!!

SRC – The Social Responsibility Cell of XIM Bhubaneswar is a student-driven committee that conducts multiple social events in collaboration with Non-Profit Organizations across Bhubaneswar. It actively engages in various activities to contribute towards the upliftment of society, primarily focusing on underprivileged children and uplifting mess workers, guards and other aides of the XIM community. 

SRC organises various programs on and off campus to create awareness about important issues and support NGOs, as well as campaigns dedicated to the welfare of society. It aims to touch the lives of the disadvantaged and bring about significant change.

Some of the initiatives include educating the mess workers; providing personal and financial support to students and staff in case of medical emergencies; organising drives such as Blood Donation, Tree Plantation, Paper & Cloth Donation; frequent visits to orphanages and old age homes and many more.

SRC also collaborates with the Rotary Club of Bhubaneswar Centennial, where regular events and activities are conducted for the underprivileged, neglected sections of the Society. As the Social Responsibility Club of XIMB, SRC strives to bring small but meaningful changes in the lives of the people and the environment around us.