Life @XIMB


Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB) has been recognized as a premier business school in the country over the last 30 years of its inception. Based on the report published by the MHRD’s NIRF Management Ranking 2020, it is among the top management institutes in India. XIMB is one of the leading B-Schools to spearhead the country in the management field by focusing on innovation and research. Life@XIMB is a vibrant blend of class lectures, study sessions, management fests and competitive sports meets. An environment of caring and sharing is what makes this B-school different.

Despite a highly competitive spirit amongst students to excel academically, the atmosphere outside the classroom is one of great comradeship. A fresher is greeted with warmth and is made a part of the student fraternity. Intense academic rigor and an incredible phenomenon called the XIMB culture together make up for a hectic yet heady concoction of work and play. As all programmes are residential, the seniors and juniors share an amicable relation.

XIMB is known to not only disseminate management education but also apply the socio-economic development projects in partnership with the Government and international agencies.

With its vibrant and green campus, life at XIMB prepares you to manage yourself first followed by managing others and any organization, all within a framework- a framework which only you define for yourself. XIMB campus is located in the heart of the city, near to cafes, pubs and malls. It gives a mesmerizing “old-school” feeling where one can actually experience the legacy of more than 30 years. XIMB is known for its culture and the campus life is as good as any other B-school in the country. During your stay, you will learn the nuances of time management, meeting deadlines, importance of prioritization, and handling pressure without losing your cool, all of which are crucial to becoming a responsible manager.

The state-of-art auditorium hosts all Biz-talks, Business Conclaves, National-level case study competitions, cultural events, and the unforgettable annual fest, ‘Xpressions ’. Life at XIMB in general is a mix of Academics, Committees, Sports, X-Cafe brunches, X-Walks, Batch meets, Placements, Case Studies, Group projects .… and the list goes on where a student is exposed to diverse views, and opinions of the greatest minds in the world of business. Yet, a good part of the XIMB life is much more than just academics.