MBA-Business Management

This is the flagship programme of the Institute as well as the XIM University. The Program leads to the MBA degree of XIM University. While the Program is based on the standard model of management education as practised by top ranking institutions, this Program is distinguished by its rigour and discipline.

EMBA-Business Management

This one-year full-time Executive MBA Program is specifically designed for working executives and practicing managers, who are aspiring to become business leaders of tomorrow. This Program provides an excellent opportunity for professionals, with the potential to assume senior management responsibilities, to pursue a Postgraduate Program in Management, without interrupting the current professional career.


EMBA-Business Analytics

In the modern era of exorbitantly soaring quantity of raw data as well as processed information, challenges faced by decision makers including management professionals primarily consist of visualizing, analyzing and opting for the best or nearly best decisions. The proposed One Year Full Time Executive MBA Program in Business Analytics is aforethought in dedicating its spectrum of work profiles in mainly pertaining training the managerial professionals to cope with the myriad of decision-making jobs involving chunks of data as well as dedicated to the evolving research avenues in data driven analytics.

Ph.D Full Time

XIM University views research as an activity where our core institutional values are expressed clearly. At XIM University we recognize the need to participate in the global academic environment through high quality publications. At the same time, research at XIM University is also driven by the need to engage with specific clients and user groups, in accordance with our vision and values.


Ph.D Part Time

This program has been designed to cater to the scholarly needs of candidates who are in a full-time employment. The program is intended to prepare participants for research and teaching positions both within and outside academia. Our doctoral scholars are expected to be specialists in their respective fields and capable of generating new knowledge and be the great new thinkers for our world.

Academic Areas

Finance addresses the ways in which individuals, business entities, and other organizations allocate resources over time. An applied branch of economics dealing with the problems of allocating financial resources, with particular attention given to the art of decision making under conditions of uncertainty, finance is closely allied with the liability side of organization’s balance sheet.