Vision, Mission & Values


Enabling people to live extraordinary lives,

and be the light for the world

Management Education in the spirit

of “Magis”


Values of the XIMB

The University shall continue to nurture core values such as

Integrity and Excellence of Character

Our conduct remains ever truthful, fair and transparent. We do our utmost to excel in all our accomplishments. We demonstrate character which resonates with people and induces them to follow and trust.


Compassion and Commitment

We encourage humane behavior instilled with empathy, tolerance, harmony and mutual support. We strive to achieve, through shared aim and team spirit, the goals in pursuit of the mission and the vision of the University.


Social and Ecological Sensitivity

We offer our services for the benefit of communities at large and make them accessible to ever growing mass of people for their empowerment. We adopt measures, in partnerships with interest groups, to promote environmental balance and sustainability.