Faculty Achievements

Ajit Kumar
Journal Publication:
Developing a Framework for Adopting
Artificial Intelligence, IJCTE
Amar KJR Nayak
Book Published:
Transition Strategies for Sustainable Community Systems,
Springer Nature Switzerland
Ameet Kumar Banerjee
Journal Publication:
Macroeconomic news surprises,
volume and volatility relationship in index futures market,
Taylor and Francis (USA)
Arun Kumar Paul
Paper Presenter:
Supply Chain of e-Business: Critical Review and Research Opportunities,
Venue: I I M Raipur, International Conference on Digital Economy
(ICDE 2018) at IIM Raipur.
Arijit Mitra
Journal Publication:
How Cooperative Is ‘Cooperative Investment'?: Supply Chain
Contracting in Presence of Epistemic Quality Uncertainty, IGI-Global, USA
Asit Ranjan Mohanty
Journal Publication:
Threshold level of fiscal deficit: Revisiting FRBMA limit
in Indian States, Springer International Publishing
Avinash Tripathi
Journal Publication:
Developing SME sustainability
disclosure index for Bombay Stock
Exchange (BSE) listed manufacturing SMEs in India, Springer, Germany
Banikanta Mishra
Journal Publication: Role of median
portfolios in value-premium and size-premium, Elsevier
Bhaskar Basu
Journal Publication: Mathematical
modeling for short term indoor room temperature
forecasting using Box-Jenkins models: an Indian evidence., Emerald UK
Biresh Kumra Sahoo
Journal Publication: Assessing the
(Eco)Macroeconomic Performance Index of India:
A DEA Approach. J PUBLIC AFF (available online), Wiley-Blackwell, USA
Bishnu Prasad Mishra
Paper Presenter: SMART CITY & URBAN
POOR- CAN THEY CO-EXIST? - The 2nd International conference on
Economics & Finance(ICEF-2020), Venue: BITS Pilani ,
GOA, University of Missouri & Bits Pilani GOA
Biswa Swarup Misra
Journal Publication: Causality between
Electricity Consumption and Output:
Evidence from Indian States during 1987-2010,
University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi 6205, Bangladesh
Shabana Chandrasekaran
Journal Publication: An analysis of network
neutrality regulation with reference to price discrimination, Inderscience
Preshth Bhardwaj
Journal Publication: LINKAGES BETWEEN BE,
IN RETAIL INDIAN APPAREL , Academic Journals Inc., USA
Punyaslok Dhall
Book Chapter: Methodological
Issues in Management Research Advances,
Challenges and The Way Ahead, Emerald Publishing Limited, United Kingdom
Sandip Anand
Journal Publication: How Ad Music Attitude-Based
Consumer Segmentation Can Help Advertisers,
Haworth Press USA (Taylor and Francis)
Sanjay Mohapatra
Journal Publication: Critical review of literature
and development of a framework for application of
artificial intelligence in business,, Inderscience, UK
Santosh Kumar Prusty
Journal Publication: The role of informal competition
in driving export propensity of emerging economy firms:
An attention based approach, Emerald Publishing Limited, UK
Sarat Kumra Jena
Journal Publication: Remanufacturing for the circular economy:
Study and evaluation of critical factors, Resources, Conservation
& Recycling, 156 ,104681 (Impact Factor 7.0), Elsevier
W.S. William
Journal Publication: Alignment in the Base of the Pyramid
Producer Supply Chains: The Case of the Handloom Sector in Odisha,
India, Wiley and Sons, USA
Subhasis Ray
Journal Publication: Social Enterprise Marketing: Review
of literature and future research agenda, Emerald Publishing
Subha Kant Padhi
Shridhar Kumar Dash
Journal Publication: The Invisible Collateral, Sameeksha Trust, India
Pratap Chandra Pati
Journal Publication: The role of the volatility index in asset pricing:
The case of the Indian stock market', Quarterly Review of
Economics and Finance, Vol. 74, PP. 336-346, (ABS-2 & ABDC-B), Elsevier, Netherlands
Plavini Punyatoya
Journal Publication: Effects of cognitive and affective
trust on online customer behavior, Marketing Intelligence & Planning,
Vol. 37 No. 1, pp. 80-96. (ABDC - 'A' category)
Manimay Ghosh
Journal Publication: Determinants of Green Procurement Implementation
and its impact on firm performance, Emerald
Krishna Das Gupta
Journal Publication: An exploratory case study focusing
on the creation, anddevelopment of a new political brand:
The case of Aam AadmiParty, John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Ibha Kumar
Paper Presenter: Beyond basic: A Temporal Study of Curriculum
Changes in a First-year Communication Course., Venue: 40,
Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi, India International Centre
Bikram Kumar Bahinipati
Journal Publication: Sustainable supply chain management:
A review of literature and implications for future research, Australia