Chairperson Message

As Chairperson of the Alumni Committee it is my utmost pleasure to thank you all and to look forward earnestly to your continuing involvement in the coming years as we march ahead together towards a new nova of achievements.

I am sure there are plenty of good reasons for alumni to stay in touch with their alma mater.  The objective is to foster continuous engagement of the alumni with their alma mater.   The Institute aims to draw your expert knowledge in your relevant fields in order to further enhance, strengthen and reinforce the overall quality of the institute.

We urge our alumni to stay connected and to find out more about what possibilities of collaboration are in store for them.   Everything from activities on campus, lectures, talks, interactions, research presentations, members on different committees, Governing Body, Business Excellence Summit and other activities where our well placed and well deserved alumni with high stature grace the event, social events and alumni get-togethers, both at home and abroad keeps us connected.

Prof. Punyaslok Dhall

Alumni Chairperson

We look forward to the sharing of their expertise and work experience with the students.  Please contact us if you have an idea and want to present the same and we will do our best to connect you with the right student group.  Alternately one can pursue an academic career too.  Come and take some Immersion Course and, Guest Lectures.

With the pandemic putting life out of gear, one of the areas to explore could be to receive students to your workplace.  It is very important for students to start thinking about career options while they are still studying. Though we have our SIPs, inviting classes to visit your workplace not only will help students with insight into possible future careers but it will be a valuable opportunity for organisations to access and interact with their future recruits.   You may contact the CAS or Alumni team and they will connect you with the right department and student body.

The Alumni office plays a vital role between the Student Alumni Committee (Alcom) and Xavier Institute of Management Alumni Association.   The aim is to re-connect with alumni and students on the campus through various activities and focus on developing a bond between the institute and the Alumni Association. The main idea is to keep alumni connected to each other and to encourage and promote the professional development of alumni on an individual level.  The association works hard to support activities benefiting the alumni, faculty, and students of the institute.

Needless to say, we are proud of our alumni and their achievements. Their achievements and contributions have been acknowledged by their employers and institutions as they have marched forward creating value and opportunities.   We appreciate the contribution of our alumni immensely to the development of the student community through regular interactions and as Members on different institute committees.

You can keep up with what is going on by following the events calendar and by following us on our website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We look forward to your continuous support. You my dear alumni are our Brand Ambassador. 


Wish you all the very best.  God Bless You.