Interest Committees

“You miss 100% of the shots if you don’t take it.”

Exemplar-the competitions committee of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, was formed to promote the spirit of “competing fiercely”. Our main objective is to drive participation, help,motivate and spread awareness about the plethora of opportunities for B-school students in both Corporate and other B-School case study competitions that are launched throughout the year.Main inspiration is to develop skills, put theory to practice and present our solutions to top corporate business leaders. This not only brings recognition to the college but also a way to house a number of laurels. Afterall, competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. Normalcy renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.

Case Study: Every student is exposed to real-life business problems across industries and domains like marketing, finance, strategy, technology, consulting, etc. Performing research, brainstorming ideas, planning activities, bringing team synergy and managing time are some of the key activities involved.

Towards the end of the year, we organized the “Achiever’s Meet,” wherein the past winners of various competitions engaged with the current students. Exemplar aspires to contribute more towards the college and students.


Team LitSoc stands for the love of literature, expression and art that affects human emotions. We organize various events and competitions like article writing, micro tale writing, literary quizzes, etc. that gives the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar fraternity an opportunity to explore their literary potential in an engaging way.

We also maintain social media pages which feature contributions from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar students on various themes – be it open letters, poems or articles. We have been hosting Guftagoo sessions where we have an open conversation on a myriad of topics including gender rights, cinema and society. Our precious work is the “Humans of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar” platform where we share stories from the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar family as proof of our belief that every story matters.

Our flagship event “Flight of Fancy” introduces an innovative theme every year. Apart from our usual itinerary of events, we also conduct “Xubaani”: an elocution platform and “A Tale not Told”: an alternating ending to your favourite story.

We have been successful in getting the chance to associate with the Bhubaneswar Literary Meet organized by Tata Steel.


SpeakUp is the oratory club of XIMB which envisages a vision of developing confident professionals with effective communication and eloquence abilities. We, at SpeakUp provide a platform where people can let their ideas flow in the harmony of their words, are free to express their views with a likeminded crowd and enjoy a rational discussion.

These help in honing the participants’ soft skills. SpeakUp encompasses of a wide array of events that promote public speaking and communication, regardless of the past experience. During the course of a year, SpeakUp hosts events ranging from an informal discussion over tea – Chai Pe Charcha to highly formal and meticulous event like XIMB MUN.

Few other sought after and eagerly awaited events are Xansad, Turncoat, Toastmasters, Vaani, and Sailing My Internship. We also organize various workshops and events to encourage and initiate collaboration, discussion, and dialogue among students to create peer learning opportunities.


The Sports committee of XIMB, fondly known as the Sportscom, brings together the student fraternity of XIMB to develop the spirit of sports by organizing and facilitating various sports initiatives all-round the year.
It promotes the values of teamwork, perseverance, patience and resilience among the students and sports enthusiasts in general. It aims to keep the essence of sports and fitness alive among the youth of today.
The committee starts the year with an inter-section sports event, “X-SPORTS”, exclusively for first year to help them assimilate the XIMB culture, then follows the flagship event “ATHLOS”, which brings together, teams from different B-schools across India and the XIMB Alumni team as well.
With the aim of having a healthy interaction with the corporate world, “COLLOSEUM”- a corporate sports meet is conducted that sees the XIMBians battle it out with premier teams from top companies.
“SYNERGIA” is a friendly clash between the seniors and juniors. To celebrate the end of the session and bid adieu to the departing souls, an intensified inter-section battle is conducted “TBX” for both first and second year. In addition to these, various in-house events are organized to keep the students engaged throughout the year.


The Social Responsibility Cell (SRC) of XIMB encourages students to take responsibility and play a key role as responsible citizens. It imparts a sense of compassion among the students and stimulates them to do their bit for the society in order to make it a better place.

The committee has taken a number of initiatives under its four verticals – “YAE – Young Adult’s Education”, where we equip the various staff members of XIMB with education; “Saakshar Yuva” – under which we spread awareness and bring people together on various national/international occasions such as Women’s Day, Yoga Day, and Independence Day through workshops; “Umeed” – which involves partnerships with various organisations and NGO; “Shiksha Kunji” – where we sponsor the education of students coming from poor financial background.

X-ENABLE – the Flagship event of SRC. One where we visit orphanages in various cities of India, meet children who are differently abled, or under-privileged than others at their age live a life detached from the love of their family . We spend quality time with the kids, playing, exploring their special abilities and talent on the spot, conduct competitions of art, dance, music and distribute goodies encouraging them to smile a little wider than before. The central idea is to make them feel equally ENABLED and CAPABLE in comparison to other kids out of the walls of their orphanages. This adds hugely to the contribution of positivity in the lives of those little minds and gives us immense satisfaction to share a full day with them as nothing but friends and companions. X-enable is one of those events that aims to share happiness to those who never got it enough and deserve a lot more.

“STREET STORE” – students set up store of the clothes collected during JOG week and the people in need are invited to browse through them and pick anything they like. Card and Craft Shop is also set up on-campus to encourage creativity and generate funds for differently abled children and mess staff.

In collaboration with The Rotaract Club of Bhubaneshwar, monthly visits to various NGOs and Social Units are arranged; where events and activities are conducted for the underprivileged neglected sections of the Society. We as Social Responsibility Club of XIMB strive to bring in small but meaningful changes in the lives of the people and the environment around us.


A community of shutterbugs, X-Lens aims to bring together photography enthusiasts on the campus and provide them a platform to develop and showcase their skills.

The social media handles of X-Lens showcases photographs of enthusiasts in the campus as part of its social media initiative- XFrame. Kala Sanchika, an event organized in association with SPICMACAY, features exhibition of photographs clicked by the members of X-Lens.

By taking on photography duties in various student activities, X-Lens ensures everyone in the campus has photographs to reminisce their XIMB journey. X-Lens encourages budding photographers to never stop clicking.


XQuizzite is the knowledge and quizzing committee of XIMB. The committee aims to foster & sustain the quizzing culture in the college. It also seeks to develop a healthy competitive spirit among students by giving them a plethora of opportunities in college-level and corporate quiz competitions.

XQuizzite conducts several general and special-themed quizzes for the student fraternity throughout the year. XQuizzite organizes Inquizzitive, the annual national-level open quiz competition and the flagship quiz event of Xpressions. Prominent quizmasters such as Major Chandrakant Nair, Kaushik Saha, to name a few, have graced the event with their intriguing questions backed by fabulous trivia, which made the audience stunned with the quality quizzing quotient exhibited by the participants.

 With the year with the country’s best minds competing against each other for bragging rights, Inquzzitive has always been a popular quiz event among the quizzing fraternity across the country. From 2020 onwards, XQuizzite has been conducting Quizzitch, XIMB’s general quiz event for Online Quizzing Festival conducted by Dare2Compete every year, and it has been received well by the participants.

XQuizzite is quite active on social media, with the team ensuring a regular dose of quizzing for the audience with various questions from different domains and trivia videos on their social media handles. Over the years, XQuizzite has hosted significant events at XIMB, such as, Quizzicus Indica in collaboration with Odisha Quiz Association, and Tata Crucible, India’s most crucial business quiz competition.

Additionally, students have participated and performed well in quizzes like Tata Crucible and SBI Yono Quiz, to name a few. With the motto of “Cogito, Ergo Sum”, XQuizzite has always looked forward to making quizzing a fun and light-hearted hobby while making sure that the curious minds always get quality trivia at the end of the day.


X-SEED, the Entrepreneurship cell of XIMB is committed for the growth of Entrepreneurial culture at XIMB. It conducts various events throughout the year which attract various successful entrepreneurs. It conducts entrepreneurship talks, conclaves, workshops, live projects and also organizes entrepreneurship fair for startup enthusiasts.

The unit annually organizes Bhubaneswar Innovation Startup weekend. The three day extravaganza witnesses huge footfall of students, industrialists, academicians and entrepreneurs. X-SEED also co-hosted an Outreach Campaign for National Entrepreneurship Awards 2017.

X-SEED participated in the Petrochemical Investor’s conclave 2017 and presented views on developing Entrepreneurship in Eastern India. The unit publishes stories of success among start-ups, under the “My-Startup” initiative, to foster Entrepreneurship among young minds.

The society conducted the annual Entrepreneurship Summit – “XAVION-18”- its flagship event. It was graced by eminent personalities such as Mr. Smruti Parida (Co-Founder and CTO – NestAway), Mr. Avelo Roy (MD – Kolkata Ventures), Mr. Subrat Pani (Cofounder – OneAssist) and Mrs. Sonya D. Choudhury (Columnist, Mint & Forbes), who led the Panel Discussion on “Indiapreneur 2025: Opening up to the Global Frontiers”. We also had Mr. Sanjay Enishetty (Founder – 50k Ventures), Mr. Hari Nair (Founder & CEO –, Mr. Amit Agrawal (Former Head – YouTube Content, South East Asia and Founder – Ocky Pocky), Mr. Avinash Parhi (Former Director – Shopclues), Mrs. Wilma Rodrigues (Founder – Saahas Zero Waste), Mr. Vikas Das (Founder – Vat Vrikshya), Mr. Binayak Acharya (Founder & CEO – Thinkzone) and Mr. Abheet Dwivedi (Manager – Invest India) who spoke on an array of interesting topics like “Go to Market Strategy for Startups”, “Following your passion”, “How startups can leverage Online Videos to grow”, “How to acquire new customers and retain them”, etc.

One of the most prominent societies of XIMB, X-Seed is committed to create a start-up culture and to foster the entrepreneurship spirit among the students.


“If we are to preserve culture, we must continue to create it”-Johan Huizinga

The Cultural Committee of XIMB is responsible for conducting a host of cultural events in the academic year. The committee members aim to foster a cultural spirit on campus to help students explore and stay in touch with their artistic side.  Cultural Committee organizes various events throughout the year, such as X-Talent, which provides the new batch with a platform to showcase their flair, Xiaqathon-the annual food festival, The Open Mic night etc. The events held under Xpressions, eastern India’s largest B-school fest, include Goonj-singing competition, Decibelz-the war of bands event, Thirkan-dance competition, Aaghaz-nukad natak, Pratibimb and Carnival De Vogue.  The cultural committee also conducts various festival celebrations and endeavours to provide students with a respite from their rigorous academic schedule.


Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar is not just a business school but a community that strives for excellence in all aspects of education, including sustainability. X-Terra, the sustainability and circularity committee, is a vital part of this community, playing a critical role in promoting sustainable practices and ensuring that XIMB stays at the forefront of the sustainability movement.

The committee’s objectives encompass acquiring knowledge about sustainability and sharing expertise on sustainable practices. Through initiatives such as “Senior-Junior Handover,” which aims to foster a culture of circularity, X-Terra encourages students to reuse campus resources wisely. Additionally, the committee organizes guest lectures and workshops to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Distinguished industry leaders and researchers are invited to these events to inform students about the latest sustainable practices.

X-Terra’s unwavering dedication to sustainability aligns with XIMB’s core values and principles. The committee’s endeavors are a testament to the institute’s commitment to cultivating responsible and socially conscious leaders.