Functional Committees

CONSTRAT, the Consulting and Strategy Consortium of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, is the forum for enhancing the consulting and strategy rigour of the students by enabling them to bridge the academia-corporate skill gap. As, Henry Mintzberg puts it “Strategy is a pattern in a stream of decisions”, the committee, thus facilitates students in identifying those patterns, deciphering them and executing the necessary tactics to successfully pursue a career in management consulting.

Over the years, CONSTRAT have succeeded in bringing some of the most relevant live projects in the fields of consultancy, business development, and product/platform enhancement across varied industries. Some of the organisations offering live projects are Indian Red Cross Society, Verve Consulting, Bivab Estate, Happay etc.

MAVEN – the committee’s flagship event invites the best brains from top B- schools across the country to test their mettle in providing practical and innovative solutions to real world problems as part of XIMB’s annual fest Xpressions. Maven 2017 saw over 200 teams across India competing for glory and cash prizes worth Rs 60,000.

Stratonomics is the annual business conclave in which eminent personalities from the industry enlighten the students on a central theme that is chosen keeping in mind the current business scenario.

Other notable events conducted during past year include Sector Analysis, Case Czar, Consilium and Guesstimate.


MAXIM, the Marketing Association of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, is the oldest functional committee in the 30 plus-year-old legacy of the institute. The committee was started with a vision of bridging the gap between the theories taught in class and the practical applications required in the industry. We believe live projects, events and interaction with industry stalwarts help students get acquainted with the challenges and current trending industry practices. MAXIM provides several Live-Projects for the students to make use of the skills learnt in the classes. We constantly engage with established corporations and start-ups to bring out the most relevant projects for our students, which will help them be industry-ready.

Some of the notable companies for whom our students have been doing projects for last couple of years are Coca-Cola, Oyo Rooms, Thick shake Factory, Tata Consumer Products, Focus Infosoft, Tall Bamboo, Motorhood, Nirupama Group of Hotels, Prime, Karmacircles, MySmartPrice, Superprofs.

Some of our Notable events includes:

Mercatique, the annual Marketing Conclave, which provides a platform for the young marketeers of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar to interact with industry experts and discuss recent sales & marketing trends. In addition to this, we have Mark-a-thon, Maxim Mela, MPower, and Maxinations as our important events that benefit the college’s student community and, most importantly, helps XIMB remain updated with recent trends of Sales & Marketing world.

Marketing is constantly changing and probably it always will, and here at XIMB, we are evolving everyday by remaining true to our vision of “Taking marketing to the masses”. 




X-Fin is the Finance Association of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar. This committee strives to develop financial acumen among the student community by providing tutorials, knowledge sharing sessions, talks, conferences, and live projects.

X-Fin’s activities spill over from the arena of academics to the practical realm of trading in the stock market as well. By conducting a range of activities across colleges, it strives to inculcate a union of interest and passion in the field of Finance.

X-Fin publishes various newsletters and its annual magazine Finshastra which highlights the latest trends in the global financial markets and economy.

Our key events include the following- Finomics (Conclave), Bizzdom (Quiz), CFA research challenge, Budgewiser (Budget analysis), Budget Conclaves, Trade Wars (Trading simulation), Financius (Article writing competition), leadership talks and various certification programs in collaboration with different corporate houses such as ICICI & SEBI.


X-OPS, the Operations Committee of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, is tasked with guiding and helping the upcoming leaders of tomorrow in their pursuit of innovation and excellence in the field of Operation and Decision Sciences. Amidst the changing dynamics of the corporates, the vibrant and active committee strives to achieve its ambition through the introduction of multiple Live Projects and add-on courses like the much-awaited Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, Certified Business Analytics Practitioner, and Tableau through our partner organizations that would assist the students in their career prospects.

The flagship event, Ashwamedh, is known to be among the most coveted conclaves of the institute, which helps participants develop their knowledge and zeal for excellence in operations management through interaction with industry leaders also includes a white paper competition. Besides conclaves, the committee organizes events like Aarohan, a case-study based intra-college event designed for students to enhance their business intellect, and Nirnay, which is developed as an in-house business simulation competition to cultivate decision-making skills in students in varying industry situations. To supplement the knowledge shared through the various undertakings, the committee is responsible for multiple social media campaigns across various platforms and publishing the Monthly Operations focused Newsletter, Opsessions. In addition, the committee is responsible for bringing in immersion courses and organizing various talks and webinars for much-needed industry exposure.


XSYS, the Systems Association of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar is a student-managed body that strives to inculcate the discipline and knowledge required to appreciate and understand the workings of the exciting Systems and Information Technology world.

The committee conducts panel discussions on relevant business topics and invites eminent luminaries. It also organizes seminars, talks and guest lectures regularly. In a nutshell, the committee provides a platform for the students to get in touch with the latest Systems trends and prepare budding managers to face real-world IT challenges.

The marquee Business Conclave of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar– Envision is organized by XSYS. It is a national-level IT summit to expose budding managers of the future to the various aspects of Information Technology.

Case-Connect is a National Level Case Study Competition held as a part of Xpressions, the annual fest of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar. This competition is designed to test the different concepts the participants have learned in different streams of management and their application in designing innovative solutions. Every month XSYS comes up with its monthly newsletter Synopsis, which covers interviews with eminent luminaries in systems and Information Technology.