Xpressions 2019

Xpressions  2019

08th – 10th November’19

When the Stars Shined Bright, and all of XIMB was Alight…!

As the festivities began, students came across to witness the rekindling of the saga – Xpressions’19. Starting with thought provoking Nukkad performances and brainstorming business simulation events to fun events like the Battle of Bands, students witnessed a day full of fun and joy. Ending Day 1 of Xpressions’19 with a rocking performance by Underground Authority was a cherry on top…!

Day 1 : 08th November, 2019

With exuberance at its max and the bar set high, Day 2 saw a plethora of events ranging from business competitions testing the managerial prowess of students, and cultural events like Goonj and Carnival de Vogue provoking the talented individuals to challenge and rise to the top spot, to fun events like Flights of Fancy searching for the creative bug inside. Xpressions’19 Day 2 ended up hosting the Sunburn Festival and taking the excitement level to a whole new level…!

Day 2 : 09th November, 2019

With a heavy heart experiencing the end to a memorable time spent, it was time to cheer everyone up with unveiling of the main attraction – Celeblitz! A fierce and energetic performance by Mika Singh left all of us in awe as we grooved to the electrifying performance. Thus, Xpressions’19 came to an end with everyone clenching on to a big basket of memories and moments that each student will cherish for the rest of their lives…!

Day 3 : 10th November, 2019