XIMB Alumni

Our alumni are playing a significant role in XIMB’s preeminence among the Indian management schools. Today they are spread throughout the globe, contributing as professional managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and researchers. We expect our alumni to maintain their intellectual curiosity, professional honesty, ethical responsibility, and managerial excellence throughout their careers. The Institute is proud of its alumni who carry its spirit of courage, dedication, and excellence in various walks of life. Through their talent, experience, and specialised education, some of them have come to occupy leadership positions in their chosen fields of work. Many of the XIMB alumni have made us proud by distinguishing themselves through their extraordinary achievements in their chosen fields, their contributions to society, the nation as a whole and XIMB through their service in teaching, placement etc.


The Alumni Office at XIMB functions as the hub of our alumni network. It operates through a team of alumni volunteers located in different parts of the world. Among them are the batch-specific contact persons, and the regional coordinators. Day-to-day interactions are mostly mediated through our virtual communities.

Homecoming gives the Alumni a chance to relive those “once in a lifetime moments” that they cherished all through their life as memories. It’s a golden opportunity to spend time with people who left an indelible mark in their life at XIMB. It is a time to tread down the memory lane, enter the hallowed academic block once again, enjoy the fun moments with their favorite faculty members in the classrooms without the worries of a quiz or an assignment. Relish the chats over a coffee at X-Café with their old friends and soak the ambience with their laughter. The Home-coming starts with an Inaugural Programme, Flash presentations, updating them on the activities of XIMB, the legendary X-Walk, high tea, panel discussion, lunch with faculty, students and fellow mates, cricket match, participation in Xpressions and finally the corporate dinner. And how can we miss the energetic all night JLT! They carry back mementos, T-shirts along with the memories.  There are endless reasons for them to come back, but above all, it is to strengthen the bond and feel the pride of being a “XIMBian for Life”.

Sanidhya, the Alumni meets are organized regularly in different cities within India and outside.  These meets are organized in May-June and are represented by the Vice Chancellor / Director, Dean, Alumni Coordinator, faculty members from XIMB and the current students.  It gives the alumni a chance to interact and update themselves on the activities of XIMB as well as share their views / ideas for their alma mater.