Ph.D. Scholar Details

Sl.NoName of the SupervisorName of Ph.D ScholarDate of RegistrationResearch TopicLikely date of Completion of Ph.DAvailiing Fellowship Yes/No
1Prof. Rahul ThakurtaSucheta Sucharita7/4/2014Talent, Talent Management and Talent Management Systems31/03/2022NO
2Prof. B.S. Misra Alok Pattanayak14/07/2014Impact of Access to financial services in poverty reduction of rural poor30/06/2021NO
3Prof. Dipak Misra - Guide, Prof.Sanjay Mohapatra - Co.GuidePrajwalita A Veronica Masih14/07/2014Business IT Alignment30/06/2021NO
4Prof. Sandip AnandSolomon James14/07/2014Role of Consumer Attitude and perception towards multi channel purchase decission.30/06/2021NO
5Prof. Ibha KumarSumitra Balakrishnan14/07/2014The Dynamics of Expression of Value Status(es): A Communication Perspective"30/06/2021NO
6Prof. Sanjay MohapatraSwati Das14/07/2014Training model to make virtual training effective in IT industry.30/06/2021NO
7Prof. D V Ramana - Guide, Prof. Anshuman Tripathi - Co-guide T K Krishna Kumar14/07/2014Egovernance - use of Balanced Scorecard Model30/06/2021NO
8Prof. Banikanta MishraArun Kumar Patra10/7/2015Derivatives, Risk Management and Fuzzy Logic30/06/2022NO
9Prof. Soumya Guha DebDebadatta Das Mohapatra10/7/2015Essays on Corporate dividend policy in Indian context28/06/2021NO
10Prof. D.V. Ramana & Prof. Banikanta MishraNimisha Bora10/7/2015Earnings Management:� Evidence from India30/07/2020NO
11Prof. Suchitra pal - Guide Dr. Neerpal Rathi - Co-GuideSaiyada Ghzalah Sahin10/7/2015Work Family Enrichment31/07/2021Yes
12Prof. Subhasis RayChinmoy Bandyopadhyay10/7/2015Role, Nature and Scope of Marketing in Indian Social Enterprises31/12/2020NO
13Prof. Asit MohantyAvipsa Mohanty9/7/2016Public Private Partnership (PPP) Infrastructure Investments: Critical Aspects and Prospects in Urban Infrastructure Financing.9/6/2021NO
14Prof. Rahul Thakurta Joshy K X9/7/2016Business - IT alignment in the Context of University Education in Odisha9/6/2021NO
15Prof. Prahlad MishraJugal Kishore Mohapatra9/7/2016Impact of privatisation on the performance of the divested firms:Evidence from India9/6/2021NO
16Prof. Bhaskar BasuKamal Pandey9/7/2016Use of Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms and methodologies for in length time series indoor room temperature forecasting of building structures considering Indian climatic conditions.9/6/2021NO
17Prof. W. S william Nrusinha Prasad Gantayat9/7/2016Role of Product strategy in Integrated Green Supply Chain Management9/6/2021NO
18Prof. Arun Ku PaulPradipta Ray9/7/2016Factors for efficient supply chain at delivery side of9/6/2021NO
19Not yet DecidedSantoy John9/7/2016Transition strategies in sustainable community governance9/6/2021NO
20Not yet DecidedHimanshu Sekhar Nayak10/7/2017To explore the relationship between Steel Making Technology and Sustability of Steel Industry. 10/6/2022NO
21Not yet DecidedMitrabinda Acharya10/7/2017Digital Transformation 10/6/2022NO
22Not yet DecidedPallavi Das10/7/2017History of Seed Technology 10/6/2022NO
23Not yet DecidedUpendra Nath Behera10/7/2017Reducing AT & C Loss in Electricity Disctribution 10/6/2022No
23Prof. Ajit Kumar Amrita Priyadarsini9/7/2018IT Governance 9/6/2023No
24Not yet DecidedLipsa  Nayak10/7/2019Sustainable Consumption 10/6/2024No
25Not yet DecidedSmita  Tripathy10/7/2019Deceptive Marketing10/6/2024No
26Not yet DecidedSwati  Singh10/7/2019Knowledge Management 10/6/2024No
27Not yet DecidedRupak Kumar Sahu30/7/2020Financil Risk30/6/2024Yes
28Not yet DecidedShyamal Kumar Jena30/7/2020Smart City Governance 30/6/2025No
29Not yet DecidedSridhar Chakravarthi Mulakaluri30/7/2020Information System Privacy in E-governance30/6/2025No
30Not yet DecidedTapas Kumar Das30/7/2020Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Communication 30/6/2024No