A) One-Year Full-Time Master's Program in Business Management for Working Executives (EMBA-BM)

This one-year full-time Executive MBA Program is specifically designed for working executives and practicing managers, who are aspiring to become business leaders of tomorrow. This Program provides an excellent opportunity for professionals, with the potential to assume senior management responsibilities, to pursue a Postgraduate Program in Management, without interrupting the current professional career.The participants shall be from various parts of the country and they shall share a spectacular diversity in their respective academic and industry background, which shall provide an exciting prospect for learning from one another, and to assimilate the theoretical concepts taught in the light of their collective experience.

The one-year full-time Program curriculum is structured similar to, and is as rigorous as, the regular two-year fulltime MBA Program. There will be four Terms spread over 12 months. Working professionals are encouraged to take one year leave /sabbatical / lien from their current organisations and return to the same organisation after completing the program and obtaining the Executive MBA Degree.

B) One-Year Full-Time Master's Program in Business Analytics for Working Executives (EMBA-BUSINESS ANALYTICS)

In the modern era of exorbitantly soaring quantity of raw data as well as processed information, challenges faced by decision makers including management professionals primarily consist of visualizing, analyzing and opting for the best or nearly best decisions. The proposed One Year Full Time Executive MBA Program in Business Analytics is aforethought in dedicating its spectrum of work profiles in mainly pertaining training the managerial professionals to cope with the myriad of decision-making jobs involving chunks of data as well as dedicated to the evolving research avenues in data driven analytics.

This program is spanned over 1 year in 4 terms. In First two terms students will be provided mostly the building blocks of Business Analytics viz. Statistics, Mathematics and Optimization. In next two terms, they will be equipped with the advanced concepts as well as the latest tools and techniques of Machine Learning, AI and IoT with a blend of Big Data Technologies.


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