We have enhanced our offerings with international university partners and collaboration from around the world. The Xavier University has collaborated with Arizona State University(ASU) to offer a bouquet of global masters program. XIMB also collaborated a premier partnership for the World No.1 Global Masters Program withThunderbird School of Global Management. XUB signed signed up with W.P Carey School of Management, Arizona State University to offer very uniqueMastersprogram. XUB will now offer enrollment for five new global programmes in India Fall 2016 :

  • Why MBA - Global?

    The Program will give the graduates the power to transform business performance by arming them with knowledge and skills in finance, marketing, strategy and people management that can be directly applied to any business issue. The prospect to network on a truly global scale, integrating experience, attitudes and conditions of business in Europe, Asia and USA as well as augmenting leadership skills that will inspire growth and development towards global management responsibilities.

    MBA (Global) courses are taught in an interactive experiential setting by an internationally diverse faculty. Somethings can’t be taught. They have to be learned through experience around the world.

    The idea behind our Global MBA degree hinges on three simple values. The focus is first and foremost on personal development. Second, by interacting with an international group of fellow students, being engaged by an international faculty and personal coaches and being paired to local high level alumni mentors in three very different environments, students will not only take away beneficial management insights, but grow as individuals as well. Third, each student will follow an individual learning trajectory with a personalized evaluation, revealing personal talents, new skills and capabilities and paving the way for a smart career choice.


    Top global organisations want global executives who thrive in a multi cultural environment, who have experience of other cultures and can manage across boundaries. There will be opportunities to:

    • Get you out of your comfort zone from day one and encourage you to think, question and find solutions. Strategic thinkers with commercial flair, global understanding and excellent people
    • skills are always in high demand -make yourself indispensable.
    • Learn from an internationally renowned team of academics, industry experts and business leaders.
    • Develop professional leadership skills embedded through out the Program to move up or change career.
    • Afford a diversity of team working environments via Global study teams and Regional study teams.
  • Global Exposure – FIRST YEAR Program

    XIMB’s MBA-Global Program is a two year, full-time residential program. First year of this Program uses a unique, 3 Continent model. Students spend four months each at Antwerp Management School, Belgium, next four months at Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar and the final four months of the first year at the Fordham University, New York, USA.

    For the first year Program, the students are also awarded independent certification of 3 Continent Master of Global Management from Antwerp Management School, Belgium, Degree of Master of Science in 3 Continent Global Management from Fordham University, America and a course participation certificate from Xavier Institute of Management, Xavier University, India.


    In the second year, the students undertake three terms at XIMB, Xavier University, Bhubaneswar. The students would be exposed to rich insights by the XIMB faculty on aspects ranging from international business to strategic international policies, global competitive environment understanding and global trends and challenges expected to have been mastered by a global manager.

    At XIMB, the students would be required to undertake four courses in the fourth and fifth terms, and the sixth term would have three courses which are compulsory in nature. The Capstone Project course would be the defining course of the Program at XIMB. It would seek to as similate the international learning of the student along with testing his/her global understanding of issues and handling of complex cross-cultural environment challenges while also providing scope for the student to learn and grow in an experientially enriching process. During the second term study of the students at XIMB in the first year, they are expected to provide their choices of electives at XIMB for the second year.